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Ranch Ramarin – a hit destination in Slavonia

Ranch Ramarin – a hit destination in Slavonia

Slavonia has definitely become a hit destination. This is also proven by Ranch Ramarin - one of the pearls in the tourism offer of the Brod-Posavina County, which offers a unique experience of the rural landscape, a top-quality gastronomic and food offer, and a handful of activities, from horseback riding, cycling to tourist flights over Slavonia. Ranch Ramarin is located in Garčina, not far from Slavonski Brod.

In the original Slavonian ambience, you can enjoy top gastronomic delicacies based on the traditional recipes of this region.

Ramarin offers a handful of activities, but they still stand out with the excellent necks of various horse breeds.

And the surroundings are ideal for cycling along mountain and lowland routes, as well as hiking trails. The ranch has a restaurant and cafe, accommodation facilities and a richly equipped children's playground.

Trekking, off-road riding, bicycle rides on mountain and lowland routes, fishing (you can fish on one of the 4 lakes), wine tasting in your own winery are just some of the activities you can experience here.

Ranch Ramarin has an accommodation capacity of 11 luxurious bungalows and a hostel for 24 people.

Let's note that in 2020 Ramara ranch is the winner of the Prvi put Zagrebačka banka competition.

The ranch also attracts fans of sports and recreational flying.

The runway is 420 meters long and 20 meters wide, grass surface. Parking for 36 planes and additional parking for 10 planes is provided. There are no obstacles in the approach, and the planes are illuminated at night and under video surveillance. Here the pilots have a place to leave their plane, sleep, eat well and get ready to move on. This is a real rarity in Croatia. There is also the possibility of an informative flight for all those interested in airplanes and seeing Slavonia from the air. Given that tourism is widespread in Central Europe, and Croatia has become part of the Eurozone, there is great interest in the ranch as one of the destinations for pilots from Europe.

Through our webcam you can watch live take-offs and landings of sports planes. Maybe you too want to see Slavonia from the air!






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