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Pula Superiorvm 2018.

Pula Superiorvm 2018.

Take part in the battles of popular antique fighters and see with your own eyes the discipline and demanding of the Roman army in the source environment - the Roman Arena in Pula.

Perhaps no civilization has inspired such interest as the great empire of ancient Rome. The legacy of its architecture, politics, culture and art has survived for centuries, and it is irresistible to attract even today's technologically developed world. At different locations with artistic, artistic, scientific, literary, musical and stage creation, the festival is always anew contributing to antique art and achieving an interesting journey into the life of old times. The goal is to get closer to the rich ancient history of the largest Istrian town. As Pula is famous for its large number of well-preserved ancient monuments, this most famous festival is used as a scene for various interesting events. The main form of entertainment in Rome was gladiator fights.

Pula Superiorvm, the largest Istrian antique festival, opens every year its doors to numerous visitors.

Enjoy the spectacular gladiators, legionaries, antique buffet, antique dance, children's games, street entertainers, music program and a multitude of inevitable activities that accompany the innovativeness and originality of this festival. Enjoy relaxation and fun in the summer days in Pula.

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