Pink SuperMoon

Pink SuperMoon

Celestial Phenomenon: Tonight is the biggest and brightest full moon in 2020.

Stepping away from the coronavirus theme, the night ahead will be all but dark. The first spring full Moon is coming, also the one that will be closest to Earth this year, popularly called 'SuperMoon.'

All those who look up into the sky tonight will enjoy the beauty of the Pink SuperMoon, the brightest and largest full Moon in 2020.

Instead of pink, the Moon is expected to shine with golden hues and then fade to light white. The adjective pink in the name, the Moon got because it appears at the time of the early spring bloom of the creeping pink flame and the pink flowers that often symbolize spring.

A SuperMoon is actually a full Moon that appears at the moment when the Moon is closest to Earth (the coincidence of the full Moon and the point where the Moon is closest to the earth - perigee), and in this position it looks brighter and larger than the usual full Moon. The SuperMoon will be located 357,035 kilometers from our planet. This spectacular Moon will be visible tonight after sunset and will be visible to the naked eye for the next few days. The moon will be at our closest point tonight at 8:16 pm, and in full change it will officially come before dawn, at 4:35.

Otherwise, the setting of the date of Easter is related to the full Moon. The biggest Christian holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first fall, which falls on or after March 21st.

Let's enjoy this beautiful spectacle tonight and at least for a moment forget the difficult period we all go through together.

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