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Picture of Zagreb Cathedral after the earthquake

Picture of Zagreb Cathedral after the earthquake

The Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the most stylish and most eloquent architectural realization of sacral architecture in the Neo-Gothic style southeast of the Alps. Due to the recent earthquake, this largest Croatian religious building, one of the most valuable monuments of Croatian cultural heritage, is passing some of the most difficult days in its centuries-old history and changing the view of the city center.

The extent to which Zagreb's cathedral was actually damaged in the strongest earthquake in Zagreb since 1880 has become increasingly apparent. Numerous statists and architects, who have worked so far to renovate the cathedral, determine its condition.

In addition to the south tower that broke off the top and dropped the cross, the north tower also suffered damage, and initial observations showed that there was a displacement / rotation of almost 5 centimeters. Thus, part of the north tower must also be removed for safety reasons. The reconstruction of the cathedral lasts 29 years and if there were no earthquake, in a little over a year everything would be finished. The cathedral also suffered a devastating earthquake in 1880 when it had only one, south tower. This was followed by its reconstruction in the neo-Gothic style. The cathedral was also given a north tower during this renovation. In the southern tower, during the last restoration in 2014, a hidden message from Hermann Bollé to the Croats was found that one day when they found it, they would be a famous, complex and free people. The staircase leading to the towers is a special story, and so on the forty meter, where the upper station of the modern elevator is foreseen, the whole wall is inscribed with the messages of people who were there.

The coincidence, the "sign", or the sheer luck of the cathedral being empty at the time of the strong earthquake, leaves each of us to judge for ourselves. And one interesting thing. The "golden cross" that fell from the broken top of the southern bell tower is actually copper and splashed with gold. There is no gold in the cross, but there is strength in the cross.

Through this webcam, you will be able to see the demolition of part of the north tower, and at the same time you can observe the cranes on the central square that are demolishing and moving already destroyed parts of the old buildings in the center of Zagreb.


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