Peljesac bridge in trouble

Peljesac bridge in trouble

The Peljesac bridge should be opened to traffic in May 2022.

Less than 2.5 km of the Peljesac Bridge is practically finished, since July, works such as waterproofing, security infrastructure such as fencing, then asphalting are being completed, and that would be more or less it.

However, there were problems with access roads, so the completion of one of the three parts of the Ston bypass could be prolonged.

The Ston bypass project consists of three parts: the first section connects the Zaradeže junction and the Prapratno junction, the second section involves the construction of the Prapratno junction, while the third section connects the Prapratno junction and the Doli junction and this section could be delayed due to transport (delivery of building materials).

From May 2022, works on the access roads on the section from Komarna to the Prapratno junction will be completed, and then it will be possible to release traffic over the Peljesac bridge and 22 km of new route over Peljesac, regardless of the completion of the third section on the Ston bypass. Which means that until the completion of the Ston bridge, traffic from the Peljesac bridge would have to temporarily go through Ston itself.


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