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Owen Wilson in Dubrovnik

Owen Wilson in Dubrovnik

Considering that he is returning to Dubrovnik for the second year in a row, it seems that the Hollywood star liked Croatia.

Owen Wilson, a Hollywood actor from the A list, star of the films "Permission for the Fockers", "Marley and I", "Bridesmaid Hunters", "Hotel Grand Budapest", which last year, during the filming of the sci-fi adventure "Bliss" in which his colleague was Salma Hayek, was totally delighted by Split, this summer came to the Adriatic coast again. This time the reason for coming to Dubrovnik is not a job, but pure pleasure.

Owen Wilson is known as nice and approachable when it comes to his fans, so he arrived in the City where he walks for a couple of days, tries out restaurants, beaches and sees sights and along the way takes photos with anyone who recognizes and asks him. He walked around Dubrovnik in late night walks and couldn't resist Mediterranean delicacies either.

The fact is that he enjoyed the beautiful Dubrovnik, which obviously delighted him as well as his many colleagues who are always happy to return to him, and for Croatia there is no better publicity than them. In addition to Owen Wilson, the legendary LA Lakers basketball player Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie also visited Dubrovnik this summer, where a select company celebrated his 61st birthday at a famous restaurant.


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