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Opatija climatic health resort

Opatija climatic health resort

On this day 135 years ago, on March 4, 1889, Opatija was declared a climatic health resort and became the first marine climatic health resort of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy on the Adriatic.

The once small coastal town was recognized as an excellent vacation location as early as 1844 when Iginio Scarpa built a summer house, Villa Angiolina, which throughout history hosted numerous famous personalities such as Emperor Franjo Josip, Empress Marija Ana and Ban Josip Jelačić. The construction of villa Angioline marks a kind of beginning of the construction of country villas along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic.

In 1889, Opatija was declared a climatic health resort. Leopold Schrotter Kristelli proved the positive effects of quality air in the area of Opatija, which contains a high concentration of sea aerosol and iodine, drops of essential oils of aromatic herbs, and rich forests certainly contribute to air quality. In Opatija, doctor Julius Galax also had his office, who founded several areas of modern medicine, especially thalassotherapy.

Opatija was declared a health resort (Kurort) by a law co-signed by Emperor Franz Joseph I and the Prime Minister, Count Taaffe on March 4, 1889. The first paragraph of this short law defines the area of the health resort district (Curbezirk Abbazia), which includes the cadastral municipalities of Opatija and Volosko and parts of Veprinac and Vasanska municipalities; in the second paragraph, the collection of the treatment fee is allowed; the third defines who is liable to pay the fee and announces the adoption of the Curordnung; the fourth paragraph allows the use of political power to collect the tax; and in the fifth paragraph, the Minister of the Interior is charged with the implementation of the Law.

As early as 1907, Opatija had around 40 kilometers of landscaped promenades and was recommended by experts in various magazines. Opatija was a particularly important destination for thalassotherapy, asthmatics, rheumatism, and people with heart disease. In 1914, there were about 10 facilities in Opatija that contained devices and all the necessary instruments for the recovery and treatment of patients.

Once a modest settlement of coastal farmers and fishermen, then a pleasant abode of Rijeka gentlemen for the summer heat, it has grown into a popular tourist destination of international renown, where visitors flock from all parts of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and many European countries, and among the famous guests is Emperor Francis Joseph , Empress Maria Anna, Crown Prince Rudolf, daughter of Belgian King Leopold Stefani, German Emperor Wilhelm, Swedish King Oskar II, Romanian King Karol and Queen Elizabeth, better known as Carmen Sylva, Ban Josip Jelačić, Gustav Mahler, James Joyce, Anton Pavlovič Chekhov, Isadora Duncan and many other dignitaries of the social scene of that time who enjoyed the beauty of Opatija.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, more than 200 sunny days a year, medicinal herbs and favorable air currents, Opatija has all the prerequisites for a healthy environment. The Lungomare Promenade, also known as the Franja Josip Promenade, which connects Volosko, Opatija and Lovran, ensures the beneficial effect of the sea air and the Mediterranean climate as you move.

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