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NY Times recommendation: In 2019 visit Zadar

NY Times recommendation: In 2019 visit Zadar

The New York Times has published a list of 52 destinations that you should visit in 2019, and one Croatian city has also found its place on the list.

Well, the 11th place took Zadar and its nearby islands. David Farley pointed out that the popularity of Zadar was largely contributed by the Football World Cup, especially the legendary Luka Modrić. There is almost no person in the world who does not know our fantastic football player who comes from Zadar. When we ask tourists about Croatia, they often mention Luka Modrić.

He also pointed out the fact that tourists more often choose Istria, Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar, but he is convinced that this will change soon. Thanks to airline Ryanair, which has introduced some new and more frequent connections, since spring Zadar will be connected to Hamburg, Köln, Prague and Nürnberg.

Farley writes about the unique Zadar medieval nucleus, the beautiful „riva“ and the Sea Organs. He says that Sea Organs need to be experienced because it is difficult to find the perfect words for description and he has also not forgotten the magical Zadar sunsets. In 1964, Alfred Hitchock has declared Zadar sunsets as the most beautiful in the world.

Farley also said that the city is well connected with the islands and recommends visiting Pašman and Dugi Otok. The island of Pašman is described as an island of unbelievably clean sea and Dugi Otok as a place of untouched beaches and taverns with the finest seafood delicacies.

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