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New webcams in Senj

New webcams in Senj

The city is known for the strong wind called “bura”!

Thanks to its position Senj, the oldest town on the upper Adriatic, is located in two climatic zones - Mediterranean and Alpine - Dinaric and is best known for the strong Senj wind called “bura” that is formed on Vratnik. The Senj’s bura is a phenomenon in many ways. Due to the bura, Senj is the sunniest part of the Adriatic with an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day. The bura has a healing effect on our body and favorably on meteorological conditions. In the summer, bura alleviates steam and heat and causes one of the most beautiful sunsets. The Senj’s bura is simply a part of life in Senj. The highest speed of bura in Senj was measured in 1985 and was 173 km / h.

With the help of 4 webcams in Senj, except bura, you can check the traffic at the entrance to the city, check if your team has gathered in the city center on the popular, renovated Pavlinski Square or see who is walking along the Senj waterfront.

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