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New ferry port in Tkon on the island of Pašman

New ferry port in Tkon on the island of Pašman

Maritime transport is the most important maritime activity that enables global connection, which is why regular passenger transport has an irreplaceable role in preserving and improving the demographic situation on the Croatian islands.

Zadar County Port Authority in Tkon is building a new ferry port with a total value of 45 million kuna and is the first port infrastructure project in Croatia funded by European funds through the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020" and one of the key development projects for the whole island of Pašman.

Construction began in March 2019 and lasts all the time. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which has paralyzed a significant part of economic activities, work on infrastructure projects is progressing according to plan, while respecting all prescribed epidemiological measures. The works should be completed by the end of 2021.

The Port of Tkon is one of 109 ports managed by the Zadar County Port Authority. It is located on the northeast side of the island of Pašman opposite Biograd na Moru with which it is shared by the Pašman Channel and is intended primarily for the reception of ferry passenger ships. The aim of the project is to enable the functioning of regular ferry traffic Biograd - Tkon. Between these two ports there are 10 lines a day, in summer and much more. It ranks 9th in Croatia in terms of the number of transported passengers per year.

The project includes the construction of a ferry port consisting of a pier with 2 berths, loading and unloading area and boarding station, a plateau of the port that allows loading and unloading of vehicles, an underwater culvert for sea circulation between the outer and inner waters and a plateau of the boarding station and public parking in Tkon. The plateau of the boarding station will be an asphalted area arranged for three lanes waiting for the ferry, one lane for emergency vehicles (fire trucks, police, ambulances) and one lane for exiting the ferry. In addition to the ferry ramps, a stop for two buses is provided in a convenient place. Public parking for cars is in the function of the ferry port, it also consists of 74 parking spaces and 4 parking spaces for the disabled. To access the ferry port, reconstruction and construction of an intersection is planned on the existing road.

The new ferry port is a big step forward in the quality of transport for residents and visitors of the island of Pašman. The new ferry port will significantly raise the standard of service, which will certainly be an additional contribution to the quality of life of the island's population as well as the development of tourism. This project, which invests in transport infrastructure, will have a positive impact on the improved availability of public services such as education, health, culture, sports as well as the environmental component, which means that increasing living standards will have a direct positive impact on depopulation and reducing emigration from the island. The greatest benefit from the completion of this project will benefit the islanders, tourists and businesses not only of the island of Pašman, but also the island of Ugljan, which are interconnected by a bridge.

The project also includes the reconstruction of the waterfront in Mrljane, the fishing port in Velika Lamjana and the arrangement of the promenade and Artina beach in Kali.

The expected result of the project is a modern, safe ferry port, upgraded with new services to improve and ensure the stability of transport services throughout the year regardless of tourism pressure, which will favorably affect the availability of employment, education and other services to island communities and improve the integration of Croatian islands into a wider transport network while overcoming key obstacles to local economic growth.

Currently, the construction of the southeast pier is nearing finishing and space is being dug for the construction of a smaller pier on the same side. The space intended for the parking lot and the access road has also been filled almost to the end and work has begun on the construction of a parapet wall for the parking lot.

You can check at any time the status of the construction of the new Tkon ferry port and see the progressing via our webcams.



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