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New camera on the Mesopust in Novi Vinodolski

New camera on the Mesopust in Novi Vinodolski

In previous years you could watch live traditional carnival fun in Novi Vinodolski thanks to our web camera located in the Culture House.

This year, we decided to approximate you the atmosphere of this festive event, and for that reason we set up a camera on the square in front of the Frankopan's kastel, where is held the traditional folklore dance „kolo“ playing for three days in a row.

People dance „kolo“ on Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays before Ash Wednesday, and the unforgettable and unique image creates a vivid folk costumes that are characterized by extraordinary whiteness, specific tied scarfs and shirts with gorgeous sleeves and lace.

„Kolo“ dance is a special celebration for the people of Novi Vinodolski, beginning in the afternoon when the singers sing folk heroic songs, and around them is formed the circle of all generations. Both large and small, old and young, and even the youngest, dressed in folk costumes, dance together, alternating with three steps.

By the evening hours, the circle increases with the inhabitants of Novi Vinodolski, and with a song, dance and laughter for a few days everyone forgets about everyday worries and problems.

The customs of Mesopust last until Tuesday before Ash Wednesday when the dance finish and starts the lawsuit. The straw puppet is condemned for everything bad in Novi Vinodolski.

On the Ash Wednesday is held the funeral of Mesopust – parade in which mourner residents close the manifestation by words „Bil je, ni ga, opet će prit“.

But it's not time to talk about the end yet. During the whole month you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful manifestations of customary cultural heritage enriched with colorful costumes, song, dance and masks so do not miss out this unforgettable traditional even in Novi Vinodolski!


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