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Nautical tourism in Croatia during corona pandemic

Nautical tourism in Croatia during corona pandemic

Nautical tourism in Croatia is more and more developed and the number of vessels sailing on the Adriatic in summer is increasing. Nautical tourism is one of the most important areas of the Croatian tourism sector. Thousands of yachts and boats cruising by the sea and bays from spring to late fall each year

Croatia has hundreds of islands along the coast, offering a maze of coves, small beaches and picturesque villages and towns to explore. In recent years, large yachts of the richest people in the world have been coming to the Adriatic.

Although this year's tourist season 2 months ago was very questionable, now we can freely say that nautical tourism is improving the image of the pandemic of the eroded season. Namely, the results in July are much better than expected, thanks to boaters loyal to the Adriatic coast. Many large and mega yachts came to the Croatian Adriatic, whose owners recognized Croatia as a safe destination. Croatia is already at 80% of last year's number of boaters.

Nautics is one of the most important Croatian tourist products for which the demand in these market circumstances is very high due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The increase in the number of boaters' arrivals is confirmed by this segment, which is currently one of the strongest tourist assets of Croatia.

As one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, we have one of the largest charter fleets in the world, practically 40% of charters in the world are located in Croatia. Nautics is truly one of the forms of tourism in which you can experience solitude, in which you can isolate yourself from the outside world and enjoy all the beauties that nautics, sailing and staying at sea as such provide. Given that the epidemiological recommendations of social distancing are in force at the moment, this way of vacation is extremely popular and acceptable to everyone. You can be in your private hideaway or, if you wish, spend time in a trendy destination along the more than 6,000 km long coastline. Rest on the boat provides enjoyment, social distance and maximum safety. And serious hygiene measures and disinfection of vessels are one of the ways the industry hopes to convince tourists to rent boats.

A novelty related to the tourist tax in nautical: so far it was paid exclusively in the port authorities, which required the physical arrival of guests. That is why the Croatian National Tourist Board has launched a portal in 4 languages that allows sailors to pay the fee online, then receive a confirmation by e-mail. This means that the owners of foreign yachts and boats can obtain vignettes from home on their own, in order to pay a fee for navigation in the Croatian sea in the port authorities and branch offices of the port authorities. This card payment enables the implementation of the service in just a few minutes, after which the user can immediately pick up an electronically signed and certified confirmation of payment of safety fees upon registration of a yacht or boat or so-called. eVinjeta. For now, this service can be used by citizens of 7 EU Member States (Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia and Luxembourg).

Nautical tourism is definitely one of the Croatian image products, it emphasizes the most beautiful that Croatia has. The Adriatic Sea, one of the most peaceful and transparent of the Mediterranean, is the very place for sailing under full sail, for a motorboat cruise ships or for simply enjoying the recreational fishing by boat. Through 6278 km Croatia’s coastline offers an exciting challenge of 1244 islands, islets, rocks and reefs with thousands of wet and dry berths available all year, modern marinas with yachts to hire and professional sailing courses to attend. Hop from island to island in the Kornati archipelago mooring in bays or natural shelters, enjoy the underwater fishing in Pakleni Otoci, visit the famous lighthouse of Palagruža, the most remote Croatian island and moor at the amazing Elaphiti Islands.

Through our webcams you can peek into a large number of marinas and major ports in Croatia.


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