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Mrkopalj ski hit

Mrkopalj ski hit

Gorski Kotar has become a tourist hit. Closed borders directed Croatian skiers towards Platak and Mrkopaljska Čelimbaša.

[GALLERY_302]There is almost no free accomodation. Excursionists in crowds move towards mountain destinations, which causes occasional traffic collapses.

The unjustly forgotten cradles of skiing have once again become a hit among skiers. Closed borders with snow that does not stop falling have opened the door to domestic tourism.

Accommodation in Gorski Kotar is booked in advance, because otherwise it is impossible to get there.

Mrkopalj, a small Goran’s town located in the middle of the large Mrkopalj field between the slopes of Bitoraj and Viševica. The ski resort has three trails - Turistička (1350 m), Sunčana (1000 m) and Vlaićeva (500 m), so both experienced and beginners will find something for themselves.

Skiers eager for elite destinations most often bypassed the Mrkopalj region. It has also been bypassed by state investments, the county is helping, but if this continues, the plan is to withdraw EU funds and restore the old glory.

They didn't even dream of such interest here. On Saturday, they had to ask people not to come anymore, because there was no more space at the Čelimbaša ski resort that could accommodate about 350 people. A couple of thousand people went there that weekend, which is amazing for such a small municipality. There is a great desire for this story to last and succeed.

Croats have discovered a winter pearl in their country!


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