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Mali Lošinj and Lika among the top 100 green destinations in the world!

Mali Lošinj and Lika among the top 100 green destinations in the world!

At the World Tourism Fair in Berlin (ITB), which took place online this year, the best sustainable stories for 2021 were announced, among which were the stories of two Croatian destinations - the Lika Destination Cluster and the City of Mali Lošinj.

Global Green Destinations is an international foundation that brings together the world's sustainable tourist destinations. The list of sustainable TOP 100 global destinations of the world (Global TOP 100 Sustainable Destination) was presented at the Global Days of Green Destinations. A competition for 100 sustainable destinations is organized to show stories of sustainable tourism and good practices. The Green Destinations Commission divided the TOP 100 destinations into a total of 6 categories and, according to the submitted materials, selected the most innovative and sustainable, one of the important criteria was the possibility of applying examples of good practice in other destinations around the world.

The Lika Destination cluster won the third prize in the Islands & Seaside category with the story "Local products in the function of destination development", and the City of Mali Lošinj was included among the top six finalists in the Communities & Culture category, with with the story "Integrated Quality Management Destination Lošinj".

The destination of Lika is unique in many ways because it combines a beautiful continental part, the Velebit mountain massif as a unique biosphere park and the coastal part that leaves no one indifferent. It is an area that includes 3 national parks, a nature park, a cave park and a number of other natural phenomena. Most of this area is a unique example of rich biodiversity, which is an excellent prerequisite for the production of premium food that is placed under the unique brand Lika Quality and thanks to this project the destination Lika won this commendable award. In the selection for the TOP 100 sustainable destinations in the world, Lika won this world award for the first time and is among the top 15 within that list.

The island of Lošinj, known as the island of vitality, is a brand that has been striving for sustainable and responsible tourism since 2006 and is considered one of the leaders in sustainable development in Croatia. Sustainability is the key advantage of the island of vitality.

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