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Lotrscak tower

Lotrscak tower

For the first time in recent history, the everyday life of all citizens of Zagreb has been interrupted

Legend says that in the sixteenth century, Sisak and the surrounding villages were under attack by the Turks, and the people of Zagreb knew that the Turks would go to Zagreb after Sisak, and for defense they purchased weapons and a special cannon mounted on the Lotršćak tower.

One spring day, when Hasan-Pasha didn't hear anything and enjoyed agams and begs, and the chef brought him roosters on a silver platter, something like a whirlwind erupted and all the tents collapsed and Hasan, begs, ages and all the others fell on the floor. Out of fear, they barely got up and run away.

Cannon from Grič has fired. The ball from the cannon took away the rooster Hasan was about to eat, and the aerial swirl that came, crashing down all the tents.

The citizens of Zagreb did not know for a long time what effect the cannon had. They only learned this from Turkish captives after the Battle of Sisak ended. The Turkish leader was so scared that he run away as far as he can from Sisak and Zagreb. The Battle of Sisak interrupted all further Turkish advances, and Zagreb was never in the hands of the Turks.

From January 1st, 1877, the cannon from Lotrščak tower reminds every day at noon of that long shot that saved the city of Zagreb, thus making the cannon one of the most famous sights and a symbol of Zagreb, which marks the day with a shot.

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