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Koprivnica officially became an ITU city

Koprivnica officially became an ITU city

In the Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of the European Union, an agreement was signed by which Koprivnica withdrew 18 million euros of funds for projects related to the City, but also nine surrounding municipalities, which are included in the ITU mechanism. It is a financial mechanism specially designed for cities that use it to carry out integrated investments defined in advance as investments of strategic importance for the entire urban area.

New projects, new markets and libraries are planned in  Koprivnica, a new library will be built on the site of the old printing house, and the green market has also received a 'new frame'. Traffic connection with municipalities, paths and public transport, electric public transport that would connect Koprivnica and the surrounding municipalities, pedestrian and bicycle paths in the municipalities, the Koprivnica highway and crossing over the highway, a scientific and research park with the University of the North, in which the partner would be entrepreneurial incubator. Labs for students, entrepreneurs, start-ups, development of OPGs and cultural heritage would be created within the campus.

There are a lot of plans, tenders can be expected from autumn and the City, in cooperation with the surrounding municipalities, will gain new values in a year or two.

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