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Klis Fortress

Live webcam at the Klis Fortress, in addition to the meteorological station at the Klis Fortress, live webcam has been set up.

Klis got a live webcam and from now on is in the chain of world automatic meteorological stations (www.wunderground.com, www.weatherlink.com, www.pljusak.com… etc.) in whose databases information on meteorological values with Klis fortresses, on the basis of which prognostic maps, meteorological forecasts are made and they are used in numerous scientific disciplines and applied in everyday life.

The initiative for this project was initiated by the municipal councilor Ivica Vetma, who, with the full support of the members of the Crometeo association, Tin Juginović, Zoran Dragić and Rade Popadić, finished the project a few days ago. We should certainly thank the expert advice and the head of the conservation department in Split of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Radoslav Bužančić, who through various projects provides support in the overall promotion of the Klis Fortress and Klis as a whole.

In addition to the meteorological station at the Klis Fortress, a webcam has been set up around the world to send beautiful shots to many curious and lovers of Croatian cultural heritage through the official municipal website www.klis.hr as well as through many other meteorological, tourist and other promotional portals.

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