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Island Zlarin vs. one time used plastic

Island Zlarin vs. one time used plastic

We have already written about Šibenik's island Zlarin, where there are about 200 inhabitants, making it an ideal place for the Zlarin-free plastic experiment! In summer, up to 4000 tourists visit the island, and 15,000 plastic bags end up in waste, in the sea and on the island.

Zlarin became the first Croatian island without plastic and thus exceeded even the European Commission's decision to ban the use of one time used plastic! Island Zlarin, by signing the charter on March 22nd, officially goes against a one time used plastic, when all representatives of trade and catering facilities, island associations and companies and official bodies will sign the charter! The ceremonial charter which will be signed is also a promise to truly never use a one time used plastic in its business and to support and promote the project "For Zlarin without plastic" during all cultural - entertainment events.

The wave of change has triggered by three Zlarin’s women, the vision and the main objective is to replace all disposable plastic with more environmentally friendly solutions and thus contribute to stopping further plastic waste from entering into nature.

If you visit island Zlarin, join and actively participate in the daily fight against plastic! The island and the sea will be grateful to you!

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