Island Pag trail

Island Pag trail

Numerous sporting events and races are organized on the island of Pag lately. Just because of the uniqueness of the land and the specific island’s scent of various herbs, island Pag really provides a unique experience in combination with sports, not to mention the gastronomic pleasures.

Very strong wind called “bura”, Pag’s lamb and Pag’s cheese are the main associations when it comes to the island of Pag. The island's first Pag Island Trail will be held in the capital of the cheese and lamb, Kolan, on April 6 beginning at 10:00am.

It consists of two trails: a recreational one of 11 km long for those who want to run or walk, and the flexible limit will allow you to enjoy the beaches of the island of Pag for all groups of visitors: recreational, amateur or professional, and professional one 24 km long for more active group of contestants because this trail requires greater physical condition. Unlike the usual karts terrain, the Kolan municipality offers a wide range of macadam paths and landscaped trails along the coast. The highest point of this race is Sveti Vid, at the same time the highest peak of the island of Pag, located directly above the Pag’s bay. It has a look at most of the nearest places (Pag, Kolan, Šimuni, Košljun, etc.) and the neighboring islands of Rab, Mali Lošinj, Silba, Olib, Maun) and the proud mountain of Velebit.

The rejuvenating stations in Kolan offer Pag’s delicacies, and the mascot and race carrier is a charming Emili sheep that invites everyone to the weekend of recreation, sports and gastronomy and says: SAY CHEESE AND RUN!

Choose your route and take the opportunity to know and feel the island of Pag while running and having fun. Participants expect plenty of good food, home-made products and top entertainment.

Why does Pag’s cheese get gold medals and what is so special about Pag’s sheep?

Sheep on the island of Pag move freely within the drywalls. Given the availability of certain herbs (as opposit to other sheep eating more or less all herbs), their milk is so valuable that it is not used to produce milk than cheese. For the same reason Pag’s lamb has a magical flavor, and whey, as a nus-product in cheese production, is a vital part of healthy sports nutrition for all athletes.



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