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Grand opening of the Vukovar Water tower

Grand opening of the Vukovar Water tower

On the last day of October, after 3.5 years of renovation, the Vukovar Water tower, one of the most recognizable symbols of Vukovar's defense in the 1991 Homeland War, will be officially opened tonight with a concert, but without public presence due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Renovation work on the Water tower, built back in 1968. and 50 meters high, began in May 2017. and was scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018, however the renovation took until the fall of 2020.

Within the Water Tower there is also a memorial room, a path and a viewpoint.

A visit to the renovated and refurbished Water tower, around which there is a memorial area, begins with a memorial staircase leading up to the memorial room from which the memorial path climbs to the viewpoint and the path itself symbolizes the difficult rise of Croatia in the struggle for freedom and independence. On the viewpoint, next to the mast with the Croatian state flag, are the footsteps of the deceased Vukovar defenders who raised the flag on the Water tower every time it was torn down during the attack on Vukovar. There are as many as 640 visible war wounds on the Water tower.

Vukovar Water tower justified the title of a symbol of Croatian unity through the Homeland War, suffering more than 600 direct hits by the aggressors, imitating the defiance, spirit and brave Croatian heart of all Croatian defenders, who resisted the attacks of one of the world's leading military forces and aggressor paramilitaries. units, not only in Vukovar but throughout the Republic of Croatia, for whose independence and freedom they eventually fought.

You can visit the Vukovar Water tower live the next day on Saturday, October 31, 2020, when it will open its doors to all visitors in compliance with the prescribed epidemiological measures.

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