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Dubrovnik - an elite destination

Dubrovnik - an elite destination

Croatia is becoming more and more attractive to the elite society and the market, and Dubrovnik stands out here. Dubrovnik is still one of the most desirable destinations for world stars.

After many famous world stars such as Owen Wilson, Magic Johnson, Roman Abramovič, Manuel Neuer, Russell D'Angelo, Tamara Ecclestone visited Dubrovnik last summer, it is currently occupied by famous people again.

English footballer Jack Grealish stayed there with his girlfriend, who is also called the new Beckham.

Dubrovnik was visited by the wife and three daughters of the late basketball player Kobe Bryant, who came here because of the King's parapet.

Victoria's angels failed to go unnoticed. The models visited Dubrovnik for Jasmina Tooks' bachelorette party.

There are numerous yachts in Dubrovnik, as well as the second longest Eclipse in the world, Roman Abramovič, which is in this area almost all year round. This year, Dubrovnik and Croatia are attractive to elite society, especially in the new Russian market. Accommodation in luxury hotels and villas is almost impossible to find.

The arrival of world-famous names is one of the best tourist free advertisements, and celebrities are ambassadors of Croatian tourism. Dubrovnik has once again confirmed its status as a luxury destination.


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