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Construction of the Pelješac Bridge

Construction of the Pelješac Bridge

The ship of Yu Yu Xia, 165 meters long and 27 meters wide cargo ship of the Chinese company OSCO Shipping, with a steel structure for the Pelješac Bridge, is anchored in the port of Ploče and after the sanitary inspection showed that the crew are free of the corona virus.

The ship has 29 steel girders for the Pelješac Bridge and 8 cranes, weighing about 200 tons. During the day, the ship should sail to the construction site of the Pelješac Bridge in Komarna, from where you can watch live transmission via our webcam. The steel construction of the Pelješac Bridge is scheduled to begin in March. About 500 workers from China located in Komarna and nearby settlements are working on the bridge.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by mid-next year and is scheduled to open on July 31, 2021. The anticipated deadline for the completion of works on all four phases of the road connectivity project in southern Dalmatia is 33 months from the date of contractor introduction, while the reference deadline is the Croatian Roads for completion of all works on 31 January 2022.However, if everything will be done within the deadline, most of which depends on the development of the situation with the korona virus, because the Chinese factory that makes steel structures for the Pelješac Bridge has temporarily stopped work.

What we can rely on is our live stream webcam through which you can monitor and follow a development of the situation and the course of construction of the Pelješac Bridge.


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