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Construction of the new hospital in Rijeka

Construction of the new hospital in Rijeka

The long-announced second phase of the construction of a new hospital in Sušak began with the installation of a time capsule.

The new hospital, which will emerge at this location in just 3 years, will unite the complete pediatric hospital care, Pediatric and Pediatric Surgery Clinics as well as Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinics and all hospital laboratories in one building and become a real hospital for mother and child, hospital under the one roof.

The facility will be spread over 8 floors and a total of 8 ha of land, 9 buildings with a total area of 130,000 m2 and 20,000m2 of roads and parking lots are planned. In addition to the new hospital building, additional facilities will be built at this stage - a 16,000 square meter thermal block containing a boiler room, laundry room, hospital kitchen, restaurant and cafe, technical service and workshops and an information service, a multi-storey 1.532 parking lot. m4, and there are 605 parking spaces in the new complex including the underground garages of the main building with 333 car parking spaces.

Due to the contemporary view, hospital care is organized according to the patient's progressive care; standard care, intensive care and day care, and a total of about 980 inpatient beds (mandatory insurance and private), about 180 beds in a day hospital and 25 endoscopic and operating rooms are planned.

Croatia will have top hospital medicine, and the construction of this facility on Sušak is an introduction to the construction of a new university hospital in Rijeka.

Through this webcam you can follow every step and moment of the construction and closely monitor the emergence of a hospital that is medico-technologically and architecturally designed to effectively perform the function of a regional hospital.


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