Connecting Croatia - Peljesac Bridge final segments soon to be constructed

Connecting Croatia - Peljesac Bridge final segments soon to be constructed

The construction of the Peljesac bridge and access roads is a project worth 526 million euros.

In recent months, the pillars of the Peljesac bridge have changed the view of the Mali Ston Bay. A steel structure of the future road with a total length of 2.4 kilometers is currently being installed, which will connect Komarna on the Neretva side and Brijesta on the Peljesac side. The people of Neretva, Peljesac, Korcula and Dubrovnik will be able to drive and cross from one side to the other, regardless of the delays in the access roads.

With the construction of the bridge, Peljesac and the Neretva valley are gaining great importance in terms of tourism and the primary tourist activity is gaining new momentum and the tourist boom is expected. Complete revitalization of Peljesac tourism.

The bridge should be completed by the autumn of this year. The placement of the last segment will have a symbolic meaning for connecting Croatia as a strategic project for the entire country - the merging of the two parts of the Croatian mainland thus achieves the territorial integrity of the Republic of Croatia, which is also the greatest achievement of this project.

Through our live stream webcam you can follow the progress of the construction of the Peljesac bridge.

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