Celebration of Labour Day in Trakošćan

Celebration of Labour Day in Trakošćan

The First May or Labor Day is an international holiday that is celebrated as a memorial to large workers' protests held in Chicago on May 1, 1886. At that time several workers were killed in police clashes and eight workers were sentenced to death. In commemoration of this bloodshed at the 1st International Congress of 1889, it was decided that the Labor Day would be celebrated on 1 May each year.

In Croatia, this day is celebrated as open-air celebrations with a rich program where portions of beans and carnations are sharing - flowers that are the symbol of the workers' movement. Celebrations are usually organized by political parties, who use that day for their own promotion, sending political messges.

Our recommendation is to celebrate the 1st excursion in May and the Labor Day in Trakošćan! With promised good weather forecats, a warm and sunny day, the good time is guaranteed. As every year, you can expect a rich program with many entertainment and cultural attractions, from the interesting offer of domestic OPGs to a variety of music programs, sports games, and all this, of course, with a traditional stewed with bean with the record of 10 big pots that will be shared at midday. It is necessary to mention the Municipality of Bednja which, in cooperation with the Tourist Board, the Dvor Trakošćan Museum Center and Hotel Trakošćan, continues the splendid tradition of the Labour Day celebrations. And if you want to prolong your Labour day excursion, the beautiful Hotel Trakošćan in neighborhood is at your disposal.


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