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Cable car Sljeme - opening soon

Cable car Sljeme - opening soon

Sljeme cable car will be opened very soon.

In 2019, the construction of the cable car Sljeme began when the late mayor Milan Bandić announced that the construction would be completed in 455 days. Unfortunately, the cable car still does not run, or rides but only to maintain technical correctness. When you look at Medvednica in that direction and if something dazzles you on a sunny days, you know that the cable car is in trial operation.

After coming to the head of the city in the summer of 2021, the current mayor Tomislav Tomašević had to deal with the problem of the cable car and the big problems that remained and did not allow its opening. The cable car is too noisy, which disturbs the everyday life of the inhabitants of Gračani. Now this problem has been solved by qualifying the cable car as a road and thus increasing the allowable decibels.

The mayor announced that the deadline for opening the cable car will no longer be moved and that the cable car will start operating in early February 2022. Even if the mayor's promise finally comes true, it remains to be seen how many Zagreb residents will be able to afford the new Sljeme cable car. A family of four will have to pay as much as HRK 400 for a ride on the Sljeme cable car, because the price of a one-way ticket will be HRK 50. Recall that the price of the old cable car was 11 kuna one way.

So, the people of Zagreb will repay the cable car worth 754 million kuna for years to come by paying a ticket of 50 kuna for a ride through three stations. Let’s see!

 Cover: City of Zagreb official site


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