Biokovo Skywalk

Biokovo Skywalk

Riviera Makarska has another unavoidable tourist asset. Apart from the beautiful beaches that stretch along the entire Riviera, the pure opposite of the blue sea and sandy beaches is beautiful, but also the rugged mountain Biokovo.

If you want to feel like an eagle and be among the first sky walkers, be sure to visit the newly opened skywalk promenade on Biokovo soon.

At 1228 meters above sea level, the unique world attraction will surely attract many who want a unique experience of walking on clouds and a view from which - literally, for some, perhaps out of fear, it takes your breath away.

Skywalk is a new attraction in the southwestern part of the Biokovo Nature Park near Makarska. The lookout point in the Ravna Vlaška area is located 12 meters from the edge of the cliff above the abyss, with an area of about 40 square meters and is the first in Croatia, unique in Europe. A horseshoe-shaped walkway can be described as a walking surface on the edge of a cliff above the abyss. The steel-concrete construction gives it security, a glass floor and a fence an unimaginable feeling of freedom and awe. From this plateau there is an eight million kuna view to the open sea and islands, down into the abyss, and by nice weather you can see Italy. As part of the lookout, a geological column was built - a three-dimensional view of the cross-section of the rocks that formed the area of Biokovo from its inception until today with a geological table of time and a description of the age and type of rocks.

The lookout point can be reached by the Biokovo road leading from the entrance reception of the Biokovo Nature Park, approximately 6 km east of Makarska, and the lookout point is located on the 13th km of the Biokovo road and next to the info center. Biokovo road leads to the highest Biokovo peak Sv. It runs at an altitude of 1762 meters, which makes it the highest paved road in Croatia.

The grand opening will be on Wednesday, July 1, and the lookout will be open to all visitors from Thursday, July 2, 2020.

Walking on clouds is no longer just a dream. Dare to take a walk along the most attractive promenade in Croatia, which will surely leave you breathless.





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