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A new view to the main square of Zagreb

A new view to the main square of Zagreb

Zagreb did not stop living. Zagreb just took a break. After the earthquake, during the pandemic, Zagreb is slowly recovering and rebuilding.

After many inquiries about the Zagreb webcam from the main square, we are obliged to finally present You the new view of the most beautiful square in Zagreb, Ban Jelačić Square.

Once a market, today a meeting place, a meeting place for tourists and citizens and the main part of the pedestrian zone of the center of Zagreb. As befits any metropolis, Zagreb is adorned with a hectic dynamic, and through this webcam you can fully experience the true pace of the capital. A view of the most famous Manduševac fountain adorned with an interesting legend and the famous story of the origin of Zagreb, the statue of Ban Josip Jelačić (re-erected in 1990), the Kolmar Palace (now the Society of Croatian Writers), the Zagreb skyscraper ( the first skyscraper in Zagreb and the tallest building in the former Yugoslavia ) which today has the status of a protected cultural asset, Hotel Dubrovnik, City caffe place. Today's buildings date from the beginning of the 19th century. On their facades are visible different architectural styles from 19th century neo-styles, Biedermeier and Art Nouveau to modern and postmodern.

Whether you watch the square in the early morning when Zagreb wakes up, during the day while it is rushing or in the evening when it falls at dusk, it is interesting and special at every moment. It is a place where the biggest protests are organized, concerts, welcome the successful athletes - because the square is the heart of our city.

We hope to reward you soon with another new look at the heart of our city, and until then follow all the News on our portal, our FB page and YouTube channel where you will find interesting TimeLapse recordings.

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