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A devastating storm in Podgora

A devastating storm in Podgora

Last weekend, the whole of Croatia was hit by a rainstorm. Across the Adriatic a very deep cyclone in which the air pressure at sea level was falling very low was moving, and a result of it is south wind with gusts over 110 km / h and almost everywhere in Dalmatia was heavy rainfall, sometimes over 50 liters per square meter.

But Podgora on the Makarska Riviera seems to have gone worst. The coast in Podgora is completely devastated and the damage is multimillion.

There was a dead sea, multimeter waves with no gust of wind were crashing on the shore. Numerous gates were destroyed, fences were removed, much of the coast was demolished, paved embankments were demolished.

Such a storm in Podgora is not remembered since 2000.

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