7th Zagreb night race Cener

7th Zagreb night race Cener

The cult street athletic race, the first edition of which was in 2012. Runs 10 kilometers at night in the center of Zagreb and be the part of the biggest racing and frenetic madness in Croatia, which proves that starting numbers are sold out in just 94 minutes!

This race maintains the tradition of at least one street race in the city of Zagreb, and it is a kind of homage to the street races of the city of Zagreb. However, it is not the same to run on the Sava’s embankment, Jarun, Maksimir or run in the center of our town.

The race that starts on Sunday, 4.11. at 7pm from Zrinjevac, will run in two laps. The first lap is a bit longer (5.8 km) and the second is almost identical as to the previous years. The number of participants of the race is limited to 2700 contestants.

What's new on this year's race ?!

Unite runners and fans who will turn their positive energy into a positive work and help those who need it the most. Everyone will get a chance to do something good in their own way. Runners need to design their motivational message that begins with "100% I am ..." and turn their positive energy into a positive work. And fans will have to prepare vocals and cheer props because they will be asked to be louder than ever. Special equipment will measure the amount of energy, or fan noise in the ZG runners fan zone, where at the end of the race will be read the decibels that will be converted into cash funds for the donation. So, what fans are louder, we're collecting more money!

And traditional T-shirts are also ready for all runners.

Timing and processing of competitors' results will be done electronically with the help of single-chip embedded in the starting number of each competitor. In the racing area there will be set up a LivePoint station where you can get information on the time of race and order at the race by copying the start number to the reader.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and experience Zagreb from a location that offers a spectacular view of Ban Jelacic Square, Manduševac, Kaptol, Gradec, Gornji and Donji grad and the most important cultural and historical buildings of Zagreb. You have not been to Zagreb if you have not visited Zagreb 360 ° - the sightseeing Zagreb Eye where the starting numbers will be taken.

Be part of Cener, share positive energy and leave your mark!

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