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6th Zadarhalf – Falkensteiner Punta Skala Triatlon

6th Zadarhalf – Falkensteiner Punta Skala Triatlon

The Zadarhalf Triathlon is a manifestation that takes place in the 6th year in a row. Every year is better and more massive, and this year it lasts for nine days, from 04th to 12th of May.

It consists of: official camp training, sports lessons, introducing the youngest with sports, training, rock concerts, sightseeing, and most importantly - three races: Triathlon, Aquatlon and Running. Approximately 1,000 contestants are expected to attend, out of which more than 500 foreigners, a total of 700 contestants outside the Zadar County. The arrival of 3000 guests is expected to reach 10000 nights.

The race every year attracts more and more competitors, especially strangers who in this demanding but extremely popular sport are promoting Zadar and the region as the perfect place for swimming, cycling and running.

The event begins with an official training camp where you will experience an adrenaline rush in a unique Mediterranean ambiance.

In addition to the medium long triathlon (swimming 1900 m, bicycle 90 km and 21.2 km), on the same day there will be a street race 5 km (running) and aquathlon (swimming and running, 50m - 500m) so that each athlete finds the appropriate challenge!

Start and finish are at the Falkensteiner resort Punta Skala, the general sponsor of this event. How much is the Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort an attractive location for active holidays and sporting activities is proven by the fact that year by year the number of registered athletes increases. During the race you can insure your stay at Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort at very affordable prices and enjoy sports adrenaline!

You will be able to follow live stream via our webcam from start to swim, triathlon, running, and you will be surprised by a live drone stream.. Well, if you are not on the spot yet, you will feel like you are.

Here on the official website you can find detailed information and on this link you can book your accomodation in beautiful Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort.


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