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41th New Year's Race in Varaždin

41th New Year's Race in Varaždin

The Varaždin New Year's Race is one of the few sporting events in the world that takes place from one calendar year to the next.

Exactly at midnight the runners will experience a unique race experience at the city's streets and squares in the New Year celebration.

The start and the finish of the International New Year's race ling 4,8 km are on the Korzo connected in the New Year program and will participate more than 500 runners from different countries.

41 years ago, 1977, when the race was launched, it was a unique sport event, the first sports event in the world and since then numerous athletes and runners have run these 5 midnight miles through the city center. Anyway, it is a unique New Year's Eve, which should at least run once. Today there are several such races in America, Switzerland, but all of them are late for Varaždin many years. There are two cities around the globe that come running in the new year - Sao Paolo and Varaždin.

There are many wonderful places where you can have a New Year and lots of fun ways to do it, but only one Varaždin! Although the Christmas is behind us, the New Year's Varaždin weekend is full of joy and fun, so if you do not already have the intention to run, nothing prevents you from having a great time in the race and starting a New Year in a unique way.

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