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27th Zagreb Marathon

27th Zagreb Marathon

The traditional 27th edition of Zagreb's largest marathon in the country, one of the symbols of the city of Zagreb, will be held on Sunday, 14.10.2017. starting at 10h in Ban Jelačić Square.

It consists of three different routes: the marathon (42,195 m), half marathon (21,097 m) and race of citizens (5000 m). The race limit is 5 hours and 30 minutes as it was last year.

The Zagreb Marathon, the largest long-distance race, every year brings together more and more participants and adds some news and became more innovative. At the first marathon, only 70 participants arrived, of whom only 4 were women, which can not be compared to today's marathon release. Every year, the Zagreb Marathon runs a very large number of tourists, citizens and high school students at the 5 km shortest race. It is now the most massive race event in the country, which has over 1000 participants in its main program and the density on the track is appropriate to the average European middle class marathon. The Zagreb marathon route is one of the fastest marathon trails in the world. The total altitude difference of the whole route is negligible 5 meters, which is very rare in marathon, and the longitudinal direction of the entire route, with virtually no slower bends, certainly allows the constant of the pace reflecting on the final result. Start is on the main city square from where it runs first in the east direction, then on the edge of the city it turns and runs to the opposite side, the west side and so the two circles. With the faithful recreators and those who will only become one, this marathon will certainly mark a record number of participants from around the world. Runners from 50 countries have been reported, a total of 4000 registered participants so far. All participants who finish the race will receive a unique medal, specially designed for this occasion, where traditionally on the back lies the sights of the city of Zagreb with a short description. One of the novelties of the 27th Zagreb marathon is the cooperation with Croatian Music Youth, which will be held at the occasion of a musical program on the marathon route. So on the day of the race at four points in the city, all runners will enjoy the music.

One day earlier, on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at 10 am starts the race for the youngest, from pre-school to the 4th grade of elementary school.

This year's marathon also has a humanitarian character. The Croatian Association of Transplanted Diseases (INSPIRO), in co-operation with the Zagreb athletic association and the Zagreb Marathon, wants to raise awareness of the importance of sporting activities.

If you do not run, come, support and cheer those who run! Because everything is easier with good fans!



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