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100 years of Labin Republic

100 years of Labin Republic

Liberal tradition, mining and industrial heritage, multiculturalism, care and commitment for the worker and the "little" man, have long been woven under the skin of Labin.

On March 2, 1921, it was engraved in large letters not only in the history of Labin, but also in the whole of Europe. The miners' strike, from which the first anti-fascist uprising on the Old Continent was launched, and the 37-day self-government was later proclaimed, called the "Labin Republic". The commemoration of the Labin Republic is an expression of respect for one's own identity and the preservation of the mining heritage that significantly marked the 20th century of the Labin region.

These days, the great jubilee is being celebrated, which takes place in the period from March 2 to April 8, 2021, symbolically through 37 days, as long as the Labin Republic lasted and the uprising of dissatisfied and oppressed miners.

The slogan of the event is "100 X GOOD LUCK". The number 100 symbolically indicates the "hundred flight", the 100th anniversary of the Labin Republic, with the traditional mining greeting "GOOD LUCK" and the already well-known hammer and chisel mark in the middle. Mining colors, green and black, dominate the symbols of the event’s refreshed visual identity.

From today until April 8, the town of Labin and the municipalities of the Labin region will mark one of the most significant historical events of the 20th century on the Istrian peninsula with a series of events. In collaboration with local creative companies, a series of audiovisual installations have been set up at key mining and industrial heritage sites in the city center. Citizens could attend an audiovisual show at the location of the monument to Rudar-borac and see other luminous and interactive attractions, such as the impressive chimney of the former heating plant or the large 17-meter LED screen at the beginning of Rudarska Street. On Pjacal is one of the highlights of the jubilee celebrations - the ceremonial lighting of the permanent lighting of the renovated Labin "manhole", the mining tower and a symbol of industrial heritage and the "blacksmithing" past of Labin. The Labin National Museum will present a virtual exhibition of thematic posters and newspaper clippings referring to the Labin Republic.  

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