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Vrbovsko is located in the extreme eastern part of Gorski kotar on the river Dobra along the old Karolinska road.

 It belongs to the oldest settlements of Gorski kotar. With the passage of the Karolinska and then the Lujzinska roads at the beginning of the 19th century, like other Goran settlements, it developed rapidly, and the hospitality industry, which provided accommodation for caravans and travelers, developed in parallel. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first hotel was built here, which was then the largest from Zagreb to Rijeka.

In the area of the city of Vrbovsko, the settlements are located at an altitude of 150 meters near the Kupa river to 750 meters near the village of Jablan, and the surrounding peaks rise up to 1280 meters.

The 25 km long Kupa River also flows here, attracting numerous excursionists with its beauty.

Tourism is still very important. Accommodation in Vrbovsko is offered in quality apartments, rooms and holiday houses as part of private family accommodation. Vrbovsko offers high-quality restaurants with a traditional gastronomic offer.

Among the natural sights, the protected landscape of Kamačnik stands out, a beautiful canyon hollowed out by the small river Kamačnik, through which a wooden walkway was built. The bridges of Kamačnik are a special attraction, as is the rich vegetation of protected plant and animal species.


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