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Island Vir is located in in the northwest Dalmatia. It is one of the islands of Archipelago of Zadar. In 1976 it was connected over Privlački Gazby a harbour bridge, thus becoming a part of the mainland. Following the breakthrough of Turks and Venetian dominance, the situation on the island stabilized in the eighteenth century. Cattle breeding was improved, agriculture intensified and different plants grown. The development of seamanship commenced. In the 1950s there was a great migration of people abroad as well as to the bigger towns, leaving island desolate. This was followed by construction of the bridge which brought back life to the island. The bridge was named “the Bridge of Life”. Besides the great geographical location, the number of sunny hours on Vir is 2450, which makes it a desirable destination outside the season too. Summer temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius, with a frequent mild wind mistral. Mistral softens the summer and it is suitable for sailing and surfing. Besides sailing and surfing, stone coast on the northwest part of the island is profusewith sea flora and fauna, which makes it appealing to the divers. Alongside numerous water sports, walk or mountain biking enthusiasts can enjoy in walks or ride all the way to the top Bandira (112 m),as well as in the view from it. The beaches are made of sand and gravel, often close to the pine forests. Vir is still not a destination dominated by hotels; however, it has an ample offer of private accommodation in the family pensions.

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