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Varaždinske Toplice

Varaždinske Toplice

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23o C 97% 1012 hPa

On north-eastern edge Croatian Zagorje, in green environment pitomih brežuljaka prošaranih livadama, vineyards, orchards and forests, close above valleys riječice Bednja, are located Varaždinske Toplice.

Natural gift – source of thermal water – determined city position, gave to him name and conditioned continuity residence and healing people through all cultural epoch, of age roman empire when them Romans nadjenuše name Aqua Iasae, to the present days in which again revives spirit mondenog health resorts, contemporary thermal riviera.

Varaždinske Toplice are the oldest thermal spa in Croatia that in the centre keep and one of the most important kontinentalnih archaeological complex, excavations roman thermal baths that is full four century served your purpose.

Water here emerges from depths of almost 1800 meters, a her way to top, where is her temperature on izvorištu 58 C lasts approximate 20 thousands year.

Beginning of the last century Varaždinske Toplice were svrstale among uglednija srednjeeuropska health resorts,and today are appreciated thermal riviera with various liječilišno-recreational contents within Special hospital for medical rehabilitation.


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