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Stomorska Šolta

Stomorska Šolta

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Stomorska is the oldest coastal settlement on the island of Šolta (17th century) and still has the charm and idyll of a fishing and maritime place. This small fishing village has only 250 permanent residents, which can accommodate about 500 tourists in the summer. The lucky ones who belong to this group enjoy the island's hospitality. With its rustic charm and hospitality of the locals, Stomorska will win you over at first.

The place is a perfect combination of opposites, old stone houses and sailboats moored just a few meters from them, fishing cabins, Dalmatian taverns and modern cafes.

Almost the entire coast of Stomorska could be called a beach, so you will not have problems even on foot to find your small private corner. On interesting flat rocks or on pebble beaches. Swimming and diving here are a first-class pleasure, thanks to the transparency and purity of the sea.

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