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Stajnica, Općina Brinje

Stajnica, Općina Brinje

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Traveling from Zagreb to the south when you pass the tunnel Mala Kapela is the first place to turn into the Lika region Brinje. The old road that connected Lika and Gacka with the sea through Vratnik to Senj has now become an attractive route for those who come to this area for the first time.

The village of Stajnica is located in the northeastern part of today's municipality of Brinje, or in the extreme north of Lika. This area is a typical karst, which includes the karst Stajnica field with the surrounding hilly areas and the stream Jarugu, which sinks not far from the lake. Stajnica field is located on the south side of the slopes of the Mala Kapela ridge. Stajnica is a sub-chapel settlement consisting of 11 hamlets, most of which are located along the edges of the karst Stajnica field. Today the settlement Stajnica has 218 inhabitants.

Stajnica area is a significant and valuable source of large quantities of quality drinking water.

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