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The oldest traces od settlements in Split date back to the Copper Age, before the end of the third century BC, where in Gripe were found gold and copper objects. Recent studies prove that in this area there was a settlement before the construction of Diocletian's Palace. According to the findings, the most recognizable are the habor on the north side of Marijana, aphitheaters, and sacred objects. The Roman emperor Diocletian had its palace built in 295., on the south side of the Split peninsula, so he could spend his retirement days there. In the 4th century Diocletian's Palace was the workshop of cloth for the soldiers, and later was a haven of high imperial dignaitaries. In the Middle Ages the town was under the rule of Byzantium, and from time to time under the authority of Croatian kings and princeses.

In the 12th century Split was ruled by Croatian-Hungarian king Koloman, and was granted the privilege by wich Splits freedom was recognized in the administration of the city. Later that priviledge was recognized and affirmed by other Hungarian kings. In the modern worlf, in 15th century Split was ruled by Venetians. 1608. in Split was a plauge that killed more than two-thirds od the population.

After the first world war, Split begins to grow sharply and it became an improtant cultural, economic and administrative center.

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