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Near the city of Split, there is a unique Šolta island, often called "Split suburbs." Unlike city bustle, noisy cars and everlasting crowds, Šolta will delight you with its tranquility, beauty, pebble beaches and exceptionally clean sea.

That's where the word "vacation" really means that. After filling the batteries by swimming on beautiful beaches, visit one of the many family farms where you will have the opportunity to see wine, oil and honey production. Taste a unique pate of the Šolta's olives from which is produced the best Croatian olive oil. Treat yourself to the finest wines and enjoy delicious, healing honey.

The beautiful marina in Maslinica is amazing for all sailors,so it definitely must be marked on your sailing map. One of the favorite berths among boaters is located in the fishing village of Stomorska where, among other things, there is our live webcam so don't miss the impressive scene we have prepared for you.

Thanks to numerous activities like boat, kayak, diving, cycling and hiking, Šolta is the ideal destination for all active vacationers.

If you want to fully experience the Mediterranean spirit, head to the little village Gornje selo where you will fall in love with the specific Dalmatian architecture, vineyards and olive groves. If you like more green than karst, then Nečujam is the perfect location for you. A lot of greenery, clear sea and pleasant air are the reasons why this cove, in the opinion of many people, is the most beautiful bay of the island of Šolta.

And all fans of the Velo Misto TV serie will find their little paradise in Grohote where some of the scenes of this famous Croatian serie were recorded.

If you are looking for a quiet port, Rogač is waiting for you, which is also the main and the only island port that, thanks to its beautiful landscape, has become a destination for itself. And for a pleasant bike ride, we recommend a bicycle trail through the Srednje and Donje Selo.

And for the end of the Šolta adventure, leave unique Maslinica that will surely make you breathless. The picturesque landscape, beautiful archipelago, olive groves, sea cleanliness and rich cultural and historical heritage are the reasons for which Maslinica carries the title for the most successful seaside destination and the 3rd best tourist resort for up to 1,000 inhabitants on the Adriatic.

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