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The town of Slunj today represents the urban center of the southeastern part of Karlovac County. It is located in a very significant traffic position due to which the transit traffic character of the city is very important. Through the town passes the state road no. 1 (Zagreb-Split), which represents an important transport route connecting the continental to the southern part of Croatia and there are also the roads towards Velika Kladuša and the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nearby is the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the famous tourist resort Rastoke.

Slunj is situated on the banks of the Korana River and Slunjčica, and not far from Mrežnica. One of the attractions of the town of Slunj is old renewed bridges. There are currently 4 bridges active and one is just for walking.

Slunj is a city in central Croatia, located in the Karlovac County. It has about 4,000 inhabitants and is known for its proximity to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Slunj also has a rich history and culture, with old bridges and traditional town centers. The city has a well-developed tourism sector and offers numerous activities for visitors, including camping, fishing and hiking.

The place is ideal for walking and staying alongside the rivers, plenty of forests and gazebos. It is the great location for one-day excursions from the metropolis or for a holiday on the way to the sea. Even today, you could buy famous bananas that were must at the time when we were traveling when there was no highways.

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