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Among the numerous islands that boast of its beauty, there is the island Silba- a paradise of earth.

West of Zadar, on the only 14 square kilometers, there are such beautiful scenes. The most people think they need to look far in the world, but that beauty is actually hidden in our small country. This islet is also called "the gate of Dalmatia" and "the island of pedestrians". Yes, Silba is really a pedestrian island because cars and motorcycles are forbidden there, and even bicycles during the summer months. This is one of the reasons why many people choose Silba as a destination for a perfect vacation. This island is an ideal place to escape from everyday crowds, noise and traffic madness.

Silba has really beautiful beaches - sandy, pebble, public and secluded beaches. Šotorišće is the main city beach. The sandy bottom of this beach gives the sea a wonderful turquoise color. Apart from the city beach, there are also Ugljanica, Vela stena, Dobre vode, Slatina, Nozdre, nude beach Mavrova and many others.

A destination you definitely should visit on Silba is the underwater archeological site of ancient sarcophagus located in the Pocukmarak bay. Also, one of the famous landmarks of Silba is a hexagonal tower with an outer spiral staircase - Toreta. It is located in the center and is 15 meters high. According to legend, Toreta was given to build by captain Petar Marinić in the 19th century as a memorial to his unforgotten love.

Since ancient times Silba has been an oasis of many artists, so it is not strange that the island exudes the rich cultural and historical heritage. Lovers of art and culture, and all those who are looking for an original and different vacation, this is without a doubt the perfect destination for you.

During the summer, there is Silba Cultural Summer event that offers touristic and cultural-educational contents every day for their visitors. There are over one hundred attractions and interesting content such as numerous performances, music-scene spectacles, sports competitions, art exhibitions and the summer feasts that everybody adores.

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