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The town of Rab is located on the southwestern part of the island in a narrow part of the mainland, with its characteristic shape, with four bell towers which reminds of a large sailboat with four elevated masts. Over 2000 years old town is a living museum.

The town of Rab is the true treasure of the island of Rab, the abrogated sacral heritage is one of the greatest trumps of the city of Rab. Numerous Gothic and Renaissance palaces, belfries and churches, Roman city walls, old streets provide a special atmosphere. To the Protector of Rab, St. Christofor, is given the merit of rescuing the island from the attacker, and his skull is kept in the relic of the cathedral. The old core of the city of Rab is made up of three parallel streets that are simply called the Lower, Middle and Upper streets. All the significant sacral buildings and bell towers are located in Upper. The middle street is paved with stone slabs and in the past it was the center of trade and commerce. In Lower Street, a life typical for harbor cities took place. The seafront is decorated as a beautiful promenade along the sea and along it are located clubs and bars that provide great entertainment in the evening. Not far from the old core is the park and forest Dundo, known as one of the best preserved forests of evergreen oak trees in the Mediterranean.

The peak of summer in Rab is marked from 25-27. July with Rapska Fjera. It is a unique medieval fair where Rab’s craftsmen and cultural-artistic associations revive traditional crafts and values by presenting them to many visitors. There are domestic indigenous products and customs, as well as the way of life in Rab's history. The most famous dessert you have to try is the famous Rab’s cake.



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