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Prelog is located on the left bank of the Drava River and is the second largest city in Međimurje County. The town of Prelog consists of 8 settlements.

The geographical position of this city is what elevates this city above other cities in the same region, and makes it a very desirable tourist destination. This city makes very good money from tourism.

This city is located in a very busy position. It is located near very large cities, and is in such a place that almost all foreign travelers must pass through Prelog. This is of course very good for both tourism and its economy. The city is also bordered by various forms of forest.

Prelog has an interesting history through the centuries. In the 1st century, the Romans appeared in this city and built many roads that were used by them, but also by many other peoples. In the 13th century, this city became a refuge for various noble and royal families. Throughout history, the city has been treated as a trading post, and from year to year it had more and more inhabitants. It was proclaimed a Croatian city in 1997.

The City of Prelog is traditionally called the City of Speedway because for almost 40 years the Speedway Club Prelog has been organizing top sports events on numerous European speedway stages.

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