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Polače is a village on the western part of the northern coast of the island of Mljet and one of the oldest settlements on Mljet. They were named after the Roman palace, which served as the beginning of the creation of the settlement. In the 3rd century the Romans built a summer house in the bay, which was completely protected from the blows of any winds, but the proximity and source of drinking water, which still exists in the place, were crucial for choosing the location for the palace.

It is the largest and safest bay on the whole island, because it is secluded and protected from 4 small islands Tajnik, Moračnik, Ovrata and Kobrava. Due to its protected position, the bay is very popular among boaters and boaters who anchor in it and is one of the most protected natural harbors on the Adriatic. It is the largest and main port of the Mljet National Park.

The bay itself is 5.6 km long and about 4 km wide. A passenger catamaran sails into Polače every day from the direction of Dubrovnik, and in the summer months from the direction of Lastovo and Korčula. The village has just over a hundred permanent residents. It has several restaurants and cafes, shops, bakery and a tourist office.

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