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Kalnik planina

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Kalnik is a mountain located in northwest Croatia, most of it is in Varaždin County, and smaller in Koprivnica-Križevci County. Mostly it is a whitewashed forest, while its central part is covered with bare rocks and targets for a great number of mountaineers, climbers and hikers.

Kalnik is for paragliding, for a dozen years - free flying, extreme sport using air currents.

Only on a few square kilometers visitors can experience the spirit of the history of the Copper Age, the Bronze Age, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, to the Second World War. There are more archaeological sites in the Kalnik area, dating back to prehistoric times until the late Middle Ages.

A trip to Kalnik is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to know something new and unusual. The rocks of Kalnik are as a vast, toothed wall and create an unusual picture for anyone looking to the Kalnik from the south, from the direction of the Križevci. Here visitors are welcomed by the vivid forest world, the educational path and the remains of the two old castles. The smaller ones are located at the top of Mali Kalnik, and larger on the Veliki Kalnik.

It is especially interesting to visit the Kalnik Circular educational path that traverses the highest peak of Kalnik Vranilac, which is 5 km long.

The peak Vranilac (643 m) is the highest peak of Kalnik , named of the Vranil grass plant. From the top to the northeast, it reaches down a number of rocky dents, which the mountaineers named the "seven teeth".

A very interesting possibility is the climb to Mali Kalnik, the rocky peak on which the ruins of Pusti grad are located. The peak of Mali Kalnik is protected as a special botanical reserve.

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