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In the calmness of the gentle Zagorje hills lies town Oroslavje, not far from Zagreb. It is located in the southern part of Krapina-Zagorje County. Located on the south side of which is bounded by the County of Zagreb, on the northwest side of the City of Zabok, on the east side of the Municipality of Bedekovčina and the City of Donja Stubica.

The name Oroslavje is mentioned in the early 13th century, and the name itself is most often associated with the eagle that is still a trademark of the City today. The Oroslavje symbol, eagle, is dominating the central square. He looks at the altitude of the wavy hills, the riverbed of Topličina river, fields, vineyards, orchards, meadows, roads and railway. It combines past and present cultural-historical and economic and tourist values.

The city of Oroslavje City is located on the main roads of the road, Western Europe, Zagreb, Adriatic coast, Slavonia.

The history is inseparably linked to the past of two castles and several bigger families, which were their owners and left a deep seal in it’s history. There are very few examples of how two castles were built in such a small space at different times and that they were owned by different people, such as the case of Oroslavje. The entire history of Oroslavje is linked to these two castles around which the entire economic, social, cultural and sports life were the first who brings us tennis, swordsmanship, riding, skiing and other sports.

Oroslavje is very attractive in tourist and economic terms. In addition to attractive natural beauty, it is an attractive participant of social, spiritual and political events. His unforgettable and untraceable values ​which were brought by the eldest are unforgetable and Oroslavje wants to preserve it, nurture it and honorably give it to the future.

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