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The town Opuzen is located in the southern Dalmatia, amidst the Neretva valley. It is situated in a specific and vivacious landscape in the delta of the NeretvaRiver. Near Opuzen, Neretva branches into Velika and Mala Neretva. This area, as former river harbour, has a rich history. The river harbour was very busy, and Opuzen got rich during the reign of different rulers.Today,Opuzen has no status of river harbour, thanks to the big harbour Ploče, which developed in its vicinity. This area was populated already in the Romantimes, and archaeological research and excavations have established existence of Roman settlement from the first century. Many finding sites with amphorae, roman china, tiles, as well as mosaic on a limestone mortar, have been found. Romans left the first traces here, followed by Turks, Venice, French, Austria, and Austria-Hungary all the way until the period when the history of Opuzen begins. Owing to the warm climate and delta of the Neretva River, there is an abundant vegetation and diversity of animal world.The distinctiveness of this beautiful nature has been recognized by hosts as they organized a Photo Safari for tourists. During the Photo Safari, tourist travel by boats through the river canals, observe and take photos of numerous plants, birds and other animals. Opuzen safari ends by tasting of local specialties and wine. The climate is Mediterranean, with long and warm summers, however due to the natural specifics and delta of Neretva winters, though short, are rather cold.

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