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Opatija, a city often called as the pearl of the Adriatic, today is one of the most desirable destinations for a large number of tourists.

People from all over the world visit this beautiful coastal town that has been known since the 19th century as a health resort. Today, Opatija also attracts lovers of wellness, relaxation and quality holidays. Thanks to the pleasant climate, Opatija is the perfect year-round destination rich in unbelievable natural beauties.

The city is located under the Učka mountain, which is a favorite location for hikers and everybody who wants to enjoy the perfect harmony of landscapes. Besides the natural beauty of Opatija, there is also a rich and luxurious history. The city's streets are filled with houses of interesting and unusual architecture and luxurious villas from the Habsburg era. Opatija is characterized by a large number of colorful parks and promenades that, due to the proximity of the sea, create a relaxing atmosphere. One of the most famous promenades right by the sea is the famous promenade Lungomare, which should definitely be the inevitable destination of every visitor.

The destinations that also should be visited are the Street of the Celebrities and the cove known as Portić. Nobody leaves Opatija without a photo with „the Girl with the seagull“ which is the most famous sculpture and symbol of this city. During the summer you can enjoy the Opatija Festival which takes place on the Summer Stage located right next to the sea, in the park Angiolina.

In the winter, enjoy the lovely decorated squares, streets, various spectacles and programs that are part of Opatija's Adventist fairytale. The clean sea, a beautiful view of the nearby islands Cres and Krk, the large number of beaches, the charming history of the city and the rich content of various attractions are something that returns old and attracts new tourists in Opatija every year.

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